The dogs of CGE

Anyone that knows me knows that I adore animals, specifically of a pup nature. Perhaps it’s their sweet innocence, their unconditional love or their ability to elicit a smile with their silliness and countless smooches…or I inherited it from my pup loving family. All I know is that my day is much brighter because of my sweet long legged mutt Joseph, and the dogs that I work with on a weekly basis at the local animal shelter, Alaqua Animal Refuge (it’s a truly spectacular place, please check it out!)

Us animal people are birds of a feather, so it’s no surprise that many of our brides include their cherished fur babies in their nuptials. As you can guess, the photos are precious and I just couldn’t help creating a little post to share the cuteness.

To start off, the original CGE pup and my little man, Joey Gillon (notice the crossed paws. Proper stance and placement in photos is always a must with this guy):

joeyClaire + Justin’s serious Aspen:


Amanda + David’s Duke and Marvin:

View More: + Travis’ brown bear Dixie:

doyle-189Sam + Mike’s furry baby Sydney:

SamMikeMarried-084Aja + Jay’s Sasha, who was driven to the beach all the way from LA:

ajajay_0318Sam + Justin’s little Munchkin:


Meg + Kris’ Molly girl:


Caitlyn + Nick’s Phoebe Louise:


Tori + James’ sweet Otis:


Salena + Rolf’s Weimies:


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